Thursday, February 4, 2021

A Dreary Day at the Airport

There is something I don't like about the days when there are no boats.  I didn't really feel like going for a ride and I didn't feel like chasing trains, so I was thinking I wouldn't do anything.  Then I saw that Detroit Metro would be having a visitor, so I decided to head over there.
The planes were coming in from the south and the plane I was interested in was coming in from the east, so that meant a trip up to the top of the parking garage.
So first up was an E170 coming in from Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.  I've flown down there a couple times but it was a jet when I last went there.
It was followed by a CRJ-700 coming in from Harrisburg.
The two planes passing each other.
The plane from Raleigh-Durham heading for the gate.  That is one of the things I like about the view from here, I get different views than from where I normally shoot.
Next up was an A321 belonging to Spirit Airlines.
This particular one was coming from Atlanta.
It flies by the wind sock.  As you can see, there was a decent amount of wind.  If this were one of the windsocks with the lines, you could get a rough idea of the wind speed.
It kicks off a bit of smoke as it lands.
This particular flight was coming in from Atlanta.
Next up is an interesting plane.
It is a Dassault Falcon.
But that isn't the interesting part.
This particular plane is owned by the My Pillow guy.  And much like him, it was pretty loud and obnoxious.  Not sure why he was in the area though.  When I was in the hospital, it seemed like every other ad was one of his, I was about ready to find a different use for one of his pillows.
Next up was an A321.
This particular one belonged to Delta though.
It was coming in from Tampa.
A picture of it clearing the runway.
Heading for the taxiway.
A shot of the Detroit skyline in the background.
It heads for the gates.
Another A321.  This one was coming in from Fort Myers, Florida.
I guess this is an A642.  :)
One of the planes I was interested in.
This of course is a 757-300.
It was coming in from the World of the Mouse.
Or Orlando.
Next up was another business jet.
This one was a Cessna Citation but not owned by anyone interesting.
And the other plane I was waiting for.
This is a 787-9.  
Another shot because of the beacons.
It was coming in from London.
I think it had auto parts still.
Almost landing.
With the windsock again.
I love this view.
Kicking up a little smoke as it touches down.
Applying the thrust reversers.
And one more for the day.
This 737 was coming in from Palm Beach.

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