Friday, February 26, 2021

Next Up the Samuel Risley

 It didn't take too long for the next ship to appear.

The next ship was the Samuel Risley and she is a light icebreaker that belongs to the Canadian Coast Guard.
I think the Canadians also use her as a buoy tender.
It is nice to see the degree of cooperation that we have with the Canadians.  If we had to rely on our icebreakers, there would be no winter shipping.
I'm not sure how many of these the Canadians have but I know they have a few.
It is a pretty nice looking ship though.
I'm not sure where she was heading.  I think she might be in front of the next ship until she reaches her destination.
Anyway, it was nice to see her.
I like the contrast of the red hull against the white ice.
She really stands out/
And she starts to pass by.
She gives me the almost beam shot.
And the proper beam shot.
One more before the next ship.

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