Friday, February 5, 2021

Return to the Twilight Aviary

 So it was a nice and sunny day on Wednesday.  Well the nice part is relative, because it was a little on the cold side but the sun was shining.  Since it is staying light a little later, I decided to head over to the airport to get some shots.  I've been missing my ability to do some photography after work.

First up is a CRJ-200.  This is a head shot as it was making a turn for the taxiway.
This particular plane was coming in from State College, Pennsylvania.
Next up was one of the aircraft I was interested in catching.
This particular plane is a 767.  It was built around the same time as the 757.
And because the controls and handling are so similar, if you get a certificate to fly one, the certificate to fly the other is pretty easy to obtain.
This particular plane was coming in from Fort Myers.   This is normally a 757 run but I wonder if the distancing and extra surplus is making Delta use this planes.
I guess it would make sense because otherwise, it probably would be sitting in the desert waiting this thing out.
I really like this shot.
It heads towards the gate.
It makes another turn.
And taxis towards it's gate.
A CRJ-700 coming in from Toronto.
A Hawker coming in from California.  It's amazing these little jets can fly that far.
A CRJ-900 coming in from Baltimore.
The plane coming to a slow down before taxiing.
Another CRJ-900, this particular one belonging to PSA and flying for American Airlines.
IT was arriving from Charlotte.
A 737.
As it touches down.
And starts to head to the gate.
This particular plane arrived from Montego Bay in Jamaica.
The other plane that I was waiting for.
It of course is the venerable 757.
It was coming from Atlanta.
I'm glad I was able to catch it before it got too dark.
As you can see from the flag, it wasn't too windy.
It gets ready to touchdown.
A puff of smoke as it hits the ground.
Makes a turn for the gates.
It makes the turn for the gate.
The runway lights are turned on.  I think this is about as close to a night shot as I can get at Metro.
Another shot as it taxis.
It passes the UPS planes.
One more shot.
I waited for a little bit for this one to come in.  It was an A321.
It was arriving from Fort Lauderdale.

And one more shot of the 757, just because.

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