Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Natural History Museum Building

The last building on my tour was kind of an accidental discovery. I was walking back towards State Street after taking my pictures of the CC Little building and I looked in the direction of this building and thought for a moment that it had a similar style to many of the other buildings I looked at.

So I looked it up on my Evo and sure enough it was another Kahn Building.

Unfortunately, it was getting late and the sun was getting lower in the sky, so my images are a little blurry and grainy. You can kind of see some of the styling cues though. The columns and details on the top of the building kind of remind me of Angell Hall.

I love the details around the entrance. They just don't build buildings like this anymore or so it would seem. You can feel the craft as this building was being constructed.

A shot of the top of the door. Owls seem to be a common element on many Kahn buildings.

One of the friezes.

I've taken pictures of these puma statues but I do like the looks of them so here they are.

And the statue on the other side.

I would like to say that this concludes my Albert Kahn tour but it does as there are quite of few other buildings by him on campus.

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