Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another Attempt at an Ambassador Bridge Panorama

One of these times I will get it right.  This one didn't seem too bad except for you can see the seam in part of the Bridge.
Gee, there still seems to be a little truck traffic on the Bridge.  One of these days, I'm going to take a picture of the mess that is crossing Grand Boulevard.  So Mr. Moroun, can you please tell me how we don't need another Bridge?

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Held Hostage LET ME OUT!!!!! said...

I do not cross into Canada but drive the streets around the bridge daily. Over the summer I read multiple articles from Mr. Moroun, the courts and MDOT. I can say that the main issue is I see roads that are completed and ready to drive on that would take people who do want to go to Canada off of my city streets that I drive and pull them right off the highways and right on the bridge. Based on what I read, MDOT is not opening these roads until Mr. Moroun finishes his part. The way I read it, the traffic going to Canada is being forced to stop on city streets. They don't want to be there, I do not want them there, Mr. Moroun does not want them there based on what I read. MDOT must want them on city streets. If not, the highway access would be open. Why does it seem that the people who paid for the roads want them opened but the agency who spent our tax dollars does not? Stop the mess, fight in court while the roads are open and stop this political BS. I feel like a guy locked up in jail and can't get out until Mr. Moroun and Mr. Rick figure out who is paying the dinner bill. Dinner has nothing to do with me but I am still locked up.