Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Lake State Railway Engine

So I was up at my mom's this weekend.  As we were out and about, I stumbled across this train engine.
 The engine belongs to the Lake State Railway and I believe I've covered them before on this blog.  But I might have had their name wrong (I called them Lake Shore).  But I find railroad histories pretty interesting.
 The Lake State Railway inherited most of what was the Detroit and Mackinac back in 1992.  It also acquired a line that was owned by the Michigan Central.
 The Detroit and Mackinac had a fairly long history of its own.  It operated from 1894 to 1992.  It was called the Turtle Line at one point.
 It basically went from Bay City to Mackinac City.
 I kind of wish I had stumbled across the striped train though.
 Since it was just sitting there, I decided to take some angles that I don't normally get a chance to take.
 Looking up at the cab.
 Looking down the length of the train.

 Looking down the length from the other side.
Another angle of the cab.

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