Monday, December 26, 2011

Nichols Arboretum in December

My other 12 month project this year was Nichols Arboretum and as I said in the last post, I wasn't as religious about getting this one monthly.  Plus I barely scratched the surface as there is much to the Arboretum to see.  For those reasons, I think I might do this project again next year.  I will try to get to the other parts of the park and take pictures there.  There are many spots where you are just overcome with the beauty.
 Looking down the Huron River as you enter the park.
 This is the main footpath from the parking lot by the hospital to the other parts of the Arb.
 Looking at another part of the Huron River.
 Looking up in the direction of the hospital.
 It's been fairly mild so far this December, so not too many hints that it is in fact winter.  So I took a picture of this stump in a ice puddle to give a hint of that.  I think this might match one of my earlier pictures.
 I think I've taken a few pictures of this tree.
 This is the field that I like so much.
 Another tree that I've taken a few pictures of.
 A little stand of birch trees.  I think birches are one of my favorite trees.
 A lone tree in front of the prairie.
 Looking up at the pine trees.
 The railroad bridge that cuts through the park.
 Another thing I've taken a few pictures.  I kind of like the branch over the water.
 Another view looking up the Huron.  Sadly it was getting dark, so I had to bump the film speed up a little bit.
Looking up the path.

Again with the Barton Dam pictures, I'll make a post of these showing the progression over the year.  I hope that you all enjoyed reading and following these as much I did taking them.

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