Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More Shots of the Saginaw

If you spend enough time along the River, you start to see repeat visitors.  Some of them I mind and some of them I don't mind.  The Saginaw is one of the ships I don't mind.  This is now the third time I've see her.  The first time was up at Drummond Island.  And the second time was near Port Huron.
 I think she is one of the more beautiful ships on the Lakes.  I really like the colors of this shipping company.  Every so often, I try to get a picture with the Ren Cen as a backdrop.  With the colors, I like this one.
 I think I like this one a little more though.
 Here she gets a little closer.
 And the Westcott pays a visit to her.  This is probably the other reason that I like to shipwatch at Riverside Park.
 Here she is getting a little closer yet.
 Now she's under the Bridge and the sun is hitting her just right because you can see the pinks off the white portion of the hull.
 The Ambassador Bridge as backdrop.
 A closeup of her pilothouse.  Again this is the classic lake freighter look.
 A full on side shot of her.
 As she gets a little further downriver.

I didn't want to stay too much longer after this as I was really starting to get cold.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Those last few shots picked up some nice light, and I think the show off the back of the boat a little better. I'm not sure how old she is, but she seems *way* older in style than some of the other ore boats out there, and I think this shows up a little better in the aft superstructure (not nearly as squared-off and purposeful as you see on some of the newer boats). Nice shots here.

Isaac said...

Built 1952