Sunday, December 25, 2011

The John J. Boland

So I left my mom's today and looked to see what was coming down the Detroit River today.  I saw that there would be a couple ships passing by Belle Isle at about the time I would be in Detroit, so I decided to head to Detroit before heading home.
 The first ship that I saw was the John J. Boland.  She has appeared on this blog before, so there isn't really a need to go into detail.  She's one of the more modern ships, so I don't like her as much as some of the other ships but she'll do.
 I tried some advice from a photography site and pulled my lens back a bit.  I do like this shot a little better as the ship has some place to move into. 
 Another shot, you can see some of the oranges as the sun is in the process of setting.  You can't see too well though because of the clouds.
 The river was pretty choppy today, so there's quite a bit of bow wake.
 Almost as she is passing by.
 A closeup of the superstructure.
 As she heads further downriver.
Another close up of the pilothouse.

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