Monday, December 5, 2011

The Wintery Mix

After our brief bout with snow a couple weeks ago, it got nice again and I didn't think anything of it.  There wasn't that much snow anyway.  It started to rain early this morning and as I was listening to the radio it said that we would be getting snow later in the afternoon.  I guess winter would be returning with a vengeance.
As I was heading to lunch today, I looked at the trees and I liked the way the water was dripping off the berries, so I decided pictures would be in order.  I kind of wish I would have bumped up the exposure a bit to bring out the color of the berries but I kind of like this against the dreary sky.
A close up of the berries.  I really like the water droplets on this one.
Another spot for a close up.  I'm not sure I like this shot as much.
The branches from a different angle.  I kind of wish I wouldn't have gotten the building or tree tops in this one.
As I was heading home from work, winter decided to return with a vengeance but I kind of liked the look of it, so I took a picture with the flash.  It captured some of the snowflakes.
Another one of the trees on the property.
Another closeup of the berries.  Unfortunately, I didn't quite get it focused but  I still kind of like the shot.

I'm hoping that there is still snow on the branches tomorrow because I think that will make for a nice picture.

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