Sunday, December 4, 2011

Waiting for the Train

Yesterday I decided to take the train over to Chicago.  I saw a special about the U-505 so I decided that I wanted to go see it at the Museum of Science and Industry.  People who have followed this blog know that I love to look at trains but I also love to ride them more.  There is something about the clickety clack of the train on the tracks and the faint whistle from the front of the train.
After hearing the announcement from the station attendent that the train was on its way and the whistle, the anticipation built.  I kind of like this view.  I wish the sun were a little more up though.
The train as it gets closer.  I kind of like this shot because of the hint of fog around it.
And a little closer yet.  I love it at around this point because you get to hear the bell.  Somehow it sounds quaint and outdated but cool.
About to be able to board.  Soon I get to hear the magic words, "All Aboard".

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