Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Canadian Olympic Again...

My last ship of the evening was the Canadian Olympic.  I think there was one more ship behind her but I was already pretty low on light as it was.   And the ship behind her would have been a repeat guest as well.
 This is another ship that has appeared on this blog before, so I wont go into detail about her either.
 Again, she is one of the newer ships without the pilothouse in front, so I don't like her looks as much as the Mississagi but it will do.   She's still a ship.
 Unfortunately, she was too close to try to pull back the lens to get a shot for her to move into.
 A closeup of the superstructure again.  I kind of like the United Way sticker on her port side.
 I would have liked this shot a little more without the buildings in the background.
 Another shot of her superstructure.
 I like this shot a little better because the background is cleaner.
As she heads up north somewhere.

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