Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ypsilanti During the Holidays

I decided to stop in downtown Ypsi tonight.  It was sort of decorated for the holidays.  Not quite the way it used to be decorated though.  They used to have a pretty nice display in the park.  But then again, they also used to have a nice display at Domino Farms.
The display now is a little on the low key side.  Just a few wreathes and lights.  It doesn't look too bad though.
The windows of the Ypsilanti Visitors Bureau are nicely decorated.
Looking down Michigan Avenue at the Terry Bakery sign.
A section of buildings.  Pretty much a typical Midwestern look.
I kind of like the looks of this tree.
Standing on the island in the middle of the street and looking east on Michigan Avenue.  I kind of wish I would have brought the tripod though.
Kind of a cool name for a store.
Looking at the other side of the street.  I do like the looks though.

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