Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Downtown Detroit in the Holidays

After visiting the Shrine, I decided to head down Woodward Avenue into Detroit.  I was hoping to get some decent evening shots except that once I again, I didn't bring my tripod.  I guess I could manage.
This is looking down Woodward from a spot that is just south of the Detroit Institute of the Arts.  I have another shot from the same spot where I was standing in the road but it was too dark for that tonight.  I kind of wish I would have had the tripod for this one because this shot is a little on the blurry side.
Some of the Christmas lights more downtown.   I think this is Campus Martius.
The Soldier and Sailor's Memorial.   I kind of like the lighting in this shot but I think it could probably stand to be a hair brighter.
The Christmas tree in Campus Martius.  It's more impressive looking in person.
They also have a skating rink set up.  This was probably the clearest shot I had.
Looking down Woodward from Campus Martius.
Looking up towards Campus Martius.
Same shot as above but with a tighter zoom.  Which of the two do you prefer?
I think this shot is my favorite of the set.  I like how the top of the Ren Cen is slightly obscured in the fog.


Anonymous said...

You seem to have captured a little of the holiday spirit in Detroit. Nice job.

BlueDragon said...

These are nice pictures. I like civic/public Christmas trees and elaborate light displays.