Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wallpaper Thursday - The Southwest Chief

So we've come to another installment of Wallpaper Thursday.  In continuing my theme of the last couples Wallpapers, I've decided to do one of my travels on the Southwest Chief.
The Southwest Chief is the Amtrak line that goes from Los Angeles to Chicago (or vice versa).  It is based on a line that the Santa Fe Railroad used to run.  When Amtrak first took over, they had a number of problems and the Santa Fe would not let them use the name...eventually those problems were fixed and the Santa Fe allowed the use of the name.  For the most part, this follows Route 66.

After riding on the Empire Builder and the California Zephyr, I'd have to say the Southwest Chief is a little bit of letdown.  There are some cool parts of it especially since I don't get to see deserts in my neck of the woods but some of the scenery compared to those two is a let down.  But I would probably ride it again sometime.

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