Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another Crack at the Frontenac

So I got the opportunity to stop by Belle Isle on the way home from Troy today.  If I had gotten there about 15 minutes sooner, I could have gotten some better pictures of this ship.  But at least I didn't miss her completely.
 The ship in question is the Frontenac and she has appeared on this blog a couple times before.  She is one of the classic lake freighters with the pilot house in the front.  If I remember correctly, she has kind of an odd looking self unloader.
 I kind of like the look of a ship out on the horizon.  This is Lake St. Clair and it's not even really one of the Great Lakes but you still can't see the other side of it.  So imagine Huron or one of the other Great Lakes.
And one more shot for good luck or something.

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