Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Last Ship of the Year...The Sam Laud

So as I said in my earlier posts, I decided to go down to Riverside Park to catch my last ship of the year.  Unfortunately, the River isn't as busy right now as it is during the warmer months, so I could only catch one ship.  I think if I were able to go a little later, I might be able to catch more ships.  Oh well.
 The ship I caught was the Sam Laud who has appeared on this blog before.   So I'm not going to go into her history and stuff as you can click the link.  Here is the Sam Laud set against the Ren Cen.
 She's getting a little closer.  In the background is Belle Isle.
 I decided to pull the lens back a little bit to get more of the surroundings of the ship.
 Another closeup.  I think she was pouring on the engines as evidenced by the black smoke coming out of the stacks.
 A closeup of the superstructure.
 As she is getting a little closer.
 As she is passing by the Ambassador Bridge.
 A little further past the Ambassador Bridge.  I think I may need to get a wider angle lens because sometimes I lose the shot as the ship is straight across.
 Another closeup of the superstructure.
 As she heads further downriver.
 Set off against a pair of geese.
 Another shot as she is further downriver.  I kind of like this shot because the backdrop is relatively clean.
And as the Sam Laud carries the old year away......

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