Monday, December 26, 2011

Letters from the Westcott

A picture of the Westcott can mean of one of two things.  One, I was down at Riverside Park today or two, I'm going to start a mailbag feature.  Well since the Westcott is laid up for the winter, the other possibility is number 2.  I don't get as many comments or e-mails as I would like but I get a few so here goes.

One reader commented that one of the pictures I took of the Kaye Barker was while her son was taking his maiden voyage after graduating from Maritime College.
I wish that woman's son the best of luck and hope that his voyages are pleasant ones.  My grandpa was a merchant marine before World War II and I wish I could have asked him more about it.  I guess this is one way to try to make that connection.
Another reader asked if the Manitoba runs all year around.
I do not think she does.  At some point she is going to put in lay up to do maintenance but I think the shipping companies like to keep them out as long as the lakes aren't completely frozen over.  The mitigating factor is when they close the Soo Locks for maintenance which I think is coming soon.
Another reader asked how I liked the Empire Builder.
For two years in a row, I have taken a fairly extensive train trip.  Last year it was the Empire Builder to part of the Coast Starlight and to the California Zephyr.  This year, it was the California Zephyr to the rest of the Coast Starlight and onto the Southwest Chief.  Of the four major legs I took, I would have to say the California Zephyr was my favorite but the Empire Builder was a close second.  The scenery on the Zephyr from Denver to Emeryville was too spectactular but the Glacier Mountain part of the Empire Builder was pretty cool.  So I think next year might see me on the Empire Builder again.
Another reader showed me the link to a really cool website

So that's all for this installment.  Please leave comments on my blog or send me an e-mail at kozzie_13 at yahoo dot com.  I would like to make this a more regular feature.

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