Monday, December 5, 2011

The Barton Dam in November

Between the Eastern Michigan games and going to California last month and with the time shift, I didn't have any time to get over to Barton Dam.  So I'm going to do my November picture now as I don't think there is that much difference between now and when I would have done it.  Although if I had done this today, I would have found more snow on the ground.
My normal shot as I come into the park.  This is sort of looking up at the Huron River.  It was much higher here and I couldn't get out as much as I would have liked.
Standing on the pedestrian bridge and looking down the river.  You can see some of the rough spots of the River.
My normal shot of the dam.  Here you can see quite a bit more turbulence in the water.
The water was almost lapping up on the sidewalk.  Usually, it is about 6 inches or more below the sidewalk.
Another of my normal shots.  This was on a normal shutter speed, although it was dark enough yesterday that normal was around 1/80th of a second.
The shutter speed slowed down a bit.  I really like this effect especially with waterfalls.
Looking at another part of the dam.
Normally the bottom stair isn't covered with water.
Looking at the dam from that spot.
Because the river was high, the water was flowing higher than usual.  There was a lot of water being kicked up.
And my other normal shot of looking down and across the dam.  Unfortunately, they were working on the dam so I couldn't do my normal shot of looking down.
From the top of the stairs.
From about halfway up the stairs.

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