Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Dossin Great Lakes Museum

We had a little bit of time before the Dossin Museum closed, so we stopped there.  It is kind of a cool place but a little on the tiny side.  I was actually hoping to catch a freighter while I was inside because they have a pretty cool pilot house.
The have a couple cannons on the front to commemorate the Battle of Lake Erie.
I'm not sure what instrument this is.  I think it is a speed indicator but it seems a little fast.
Behind the museum they have markers showing distances to important spots on the Great Lakes.
They took a pilot house from an old freighter and coverted it to be a part of the musuem.  It's pretty cool because it gives a nice view of the Detroit River and you can almost imagine you're piloting a freighter.
The engine telegraph and a couple other things.
I'm not sure what these are.
The steering wheel.
Another view of the wheel.
I tried to get a view of the River in the back, but it was too bright compared to the rest.

A pretty decent model of the Edmund Fitzgerald.
A model of one of the railroad ferries.  This one was the Pere Marquette.
This is one of the anchors from the Edmund Fitzgerald.

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