Friday, December 30, 2011

The Edwin H. Gott

So I decided to head down to Belle Isle today because I saw that there would be a couple of ships passing by the Island.  Sadly, one of them ended up docking before the Ambassador Bridge, so I didn't get a shot of that one but it was one I'd seen before.
 The ship that I did get a picture of was the Edwin H. Gott and it's one of the ones I've been trying to get pictures of.  I did have a shot of it docked at the Great Lakes Steel Works but I didn't like that one. 
 The Gott is one of thirteen thousand footers that currently sails on the Lakes.  She was built at Bay Shipbuilding in Wisconsin and was launched in 1978.  Orginally, she had a unique self unloading system, so she could only unload in Gary, Indiana.
 At the end of the 1995 shipping season, she was laid up in order to get a more traditional self unloading boom.  At 280 feet, it is the longest on the lakes.
 She mostly carries taconite but can sometimes carry other things.
 She is 1004 feet long and can carry 74,100 tons of cargo.  Her engines have a total of 19,500 horsepower.
 I'll have to admit seeing ships this long is pretty cool.
 The Gott as she heads downriver.  I think she was heading to the Great Lakes Steelworks.
 The weather somewhat cooperated for me.
 This shot almost looks like she is on the lake.
 A shot as the Gott passes the Ren Cen.
 I took this shot with my monster lens.  I kind of like the Ambassador Bridge in the background.
And one more shot of the Ship and the skyline.  It's amazing, for all her size, she is still dwarfed by the city.

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