Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Buffalo Again

The ship I was coming down for was the Buffalo. She has appeared before on this blog so I'm not going to go into much detail on her tonight.As I said in the last post, the Detroit River looked pretty rough tonight. You can see the waves crashing against the bow in this shot.
The sun peeked out for a little bit. It was still a bit hazy but you can see the light reflecting off the superstructure. And another wave hitting the bow.
Since I'd taken pictures of her before, I decided to leave the big lens on for some closeup shots.
Although I put the little lens back on so I could get the Ambassador Bridge as a backdrop.
Passing under the Bridge.
A closeup of the pilot house and superstructure.
Even closer. Unfortunately, the angle wasn't such that I could get a shot of the people inside. Well at least I hope there were people inside.
Heading downriver.
A little further before I decided to pack it in and head home.

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