Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nichols Arboretum in September

Note the lack of quotes around September in the title. I actually got to do one of these in the month it is meant for. Like I said in my last post, I was waffling about whether I wanted to go walking around the park or not. It was a nice enough night, so I decided to go for a bit of a walk.
The shot of the trail as you enter the Arb (at least from the parking lot I use). You can see some hints of yellow in here as the trees are starting to turn color. Give them a couple more weeks and there will be more colors.
The shot looking down the Huron River.
I'm not even going to venture to guess what kind of flower this is but I thought it looked pretty neat.
A shot with a couple of those flowers.
Another type of flower.
I saw this goose in the river and I kind of liked how he reflected in the water. I also liked the orange glow on his face.
Another goose.
I think these are brown eyed susans.Another shot of the Huron.
A tree with bits of red this time.
I think this is goldenrod.
One of my favorite parts of the Arb is the prairie. The grass is taller than me right now.
This is one of my standard pictures for this project.
A shot to give you an idea of just how tall the grass is.
Another one of my standard shots.
I kind of liked the snaky tree branch.
I kind of like this pavillion.
One of many activities you can do in Michigan. Now if Chicago gets its way and the Asian Carp find their way into the Great Lakes, you might see less of this.
Tried to get a shot of the sunset with the pinkish sky, but I didn't want to lose definition of the river.
The Mott's Children's Hospital.
Another shot of the river.
And I leave you with this shot.
I'll have to say that I'm glad that I picked a park for this project. When I get around to compiling these pictures, there will be some stark contrasts of the seasons, I think.

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