Saturday, September 17, 2011

Eastern Michigan Vs. Michigan - The Game

So it was finally game time and I was pretty excited because I got to watch a game at the Big House on the field. It's pretty amazing because when you're actively taking pictures, it is hard to actually watch the game but I didn't mind since even when I'm in the stands, I'm taking pictures. I will have to say one thing, if I think it is loud in the is even more so on the field.
Corey Welch taking the opening kickoff. Eastern actually looked pretty decent on special teams. The kickoffs were run back fairly well. I didn't get a chance to see too many punt returns but the punting team was decent.
Javonti Greene running the ball. Eastern's running game looked decent for about a half and then Michigan's defense was able to make some adjustments and pretty much shut down Eastern in the second half.
This tackle was for a fumble and it made me think it would be a long game for the Eagles.
Fitzgerald Toussaint running the ball. It seemed like he had a decent day.
Denard taking the snap. It seemed like Eastern was doing a decent job containing him and then he started to look like Denard.
The Michigan Band.
Eastern's Coach, Ron English.
Eastern managed to get the ball down to the 1 yard line (or so) and rather than kick the field goal, they decided to punch it in. Sadly, Michigan was able to move the pile back and Javonti Greene fell a bit short.
Marlon Pollard running the ball back during a punt return.
Alex Gillett taking the snap. He looked pretty good when he was running the ball but I think he only had 6 passing attempts. I hope for Eastern's sake that the line starts to gel.
The Michigan Drum Line.
Eastern Michigan kicking a field goal and this turned out to be their only score of the day.
Denard running the ball. This was a fairly long run, if I remember correctly.
Kevin Koger getting tackled after a catch.
Corey Welch running the ball back after a kickoff.
Alex Gillett trying to pass but as you can see there are a few Wolverines in the backfield.
Jeremy Gallon running the ball back after a kickoff. This would have been a long return but there was holding.
Vincent Smith running the ball. He seemed to have a few carries as well.
Denard after a touchdown.
Gillett running the ball again. Like I said before, this happened all too often during the game.
Smith running the ball again.
Denard setting up a pass. He was 7 for 18 for a total of 95 yards.
Vincent Smith running again. He had 118 yards.
One of my favorite shots.
Javonti Greene running again. He ended up getting getting 85 yards.
Another carry by Denard.
Smith rushing again.
I think I really like this shot.
Corey Welch running back another kickoff.
Dominque White rushing the ball.
Ryan Brumfield with the carry. All in all, Eastern gained 220 yards on the ground which is not bad.
And this makes the 223rd game with over 100,000 people at the Michigan game.
Another catch by Gallon.
Denard waiting for the snap.
And the new tradition of saying the Slippery Rock score. I'll have to admit that this is pretty cool since Slippery Rock is a tiny school in Pennsylvania.
A Delta 757 flying over the stadium. It was wierd because I was looking towards the north when I caught it. And me being me had to get a picture of it. Apparently it was having trouble and was routed over the stadium. It almost looked like a fly by.
Another shot of the trenches.
Another run by Dominque White.
So, I was hoping for a good game. I'm not sure I got that as the game was pretty much out of reach by the middle of the third quarter. Michigan ended up winning 31 to 3. But I think Eastern didn't look as bad as the score reflected. They ran the ball fairly well. Special teams weren't too bad. If they can get their passing game in line, they might make a run for the MAC.
And Michigan was well....Michigan.

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Anonymous said...

Announcing the Slippery Rock score is actually an old tradition, one that was going on when I was a student in the 70's. Slippery Rock even played a game (vs. Shippensburg) in Michigan Stadium in 1979. Michigan stopped announcing the Slippery Rock scores later on, so it is nice to see them bringing Slippery Rock back.