Sunday, September 25, 2011

Whitefish Point Lighthouse

So I made it to Whitefish Point. I really like it up there because it is not a bad looking lighthouse (certainly a unique looking one). It's normally fairly peaceful as there aren't too many people there. They are doing work on the tower, so there was scaffolding around it.
I was able to get pictures of the tower itself though. I'm kind of glad they are doing work on this lighthouse because it needed it.
I tried to get a shot with the foghorn in the front but I didn't quite have the right lens.
I kind of like this shot with the sky opening up a little bit behind the tower. I would say the tower is a little too dark but I like the silhouette.
I tried to get a shot with the light showing. It looks like there is a new light in here.And my last shot of the tower.

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