Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Federal Miramichi

So the ship I was going down to the River for was downbound and wouldn't be hitting Riverside park for about 15 minutes or so after I got there. As I was looking to the west, I saw this ship pulling out of the dock there.
The ship in question is the Federal Miramichi. Unfortunately I don't have many details on it except that it is owned by a German company. Miramichi is a town in New Brunswick.
The ship itself was built in China.
I tried to get a closeup of the superstructure but I had the wrong lens on my camera.
When I took this shot, I didn't notice the pink in the clouds.
The ship pulling away from the Ambassador Bridge.
Up a little further on the Detroit River. It was a slightly misty day and this one almost looks like it is out on the lake.
I kind of like this shot with the Ren Cen in it.
The ship on the left is the Buffalo which was the ship I was waiting for.

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