Sunday, September 4, 2011

Howard Vs. Eastern Michigan - The Game

These are my pictures from the game. There are some that I'm happy with and some that I'm not so happy with. I will talk more later about that.Marcell Rose lining up against the Howard Receiver Brandon Flanagan.
Eastern's Quaterback Alex Gillett in the process of throwing an interception. This was Eastern's first play of the game and I didn't think it would bode well for the rest of the game. I think it might have been jitters as he played pretty well the rest of the game.
Eastern's Running Back Dominique Sherrer running the ball.
Kody Fulkerson kicking a field goal for Eastern's first score.
Howard's Running back getting tackled.
Howard's Quarterback Greg McGhee running the ball. He made some pretty good pass throughout the game but for the most part Eastern shut down their passing game.
Another Eastern field goal...sigh.
Eastern running back the ball after a punt.
Howard's quaterback handing the ball off to Aquanius Freeman, one of their other running backs.
Trey Hunter as he makes a catch.
Aquanius Freeman during a run.
I can't tell which Eastern player this is.
Andy Gillett during a quarterback keeper. I think he ran a pretty good distance during this shot.
One of my favorite shots...the battle of the trenches. This time made better because I could get the right angle for it.
Javonti Greene running the ball across the goalline.
Andy Gillett during another quaterback keeper.
Aquanius Freeman running the ball again.
And again....
This the Howard band as they are getting ready to take the field during halftime. I would have to say that they were pretty exciting to watch.
The drum majors highstepping it.
At the ready.
The band dancing.
The drum majors dancing.
More shots of the band.
The majorettes dancing.
Just a shot of the band.
The band dancing again. Like I said, they were pretty good and the music was pretty good too.
The Eastern players celebrating after a touchdown.
Andy Gillett running the ball again.
Javonti Greene making a run for the sidelines.
The Howard Tailback getting the handoff.
I think this is a shot of the Howard Head Coach. He used to be a wide receiver for the Bisons in 1994.
The Bisons attempt a field goal. But I think this one was missed.
Another shot of the trenches.
Eastern setting up for a field goal.
Javonti Greene getting tackled.
The Howard coach was a little upset about an interference call that kept an Eastern drive alive (and led to an Eastern touchdown).
The Howard coach pleading his case.
Andra Williams running the ball.
Andra Williams running the ball again.
The handshake after the game.
The Eastern football players celebrating their win over Howard.
The final score was 41-9 but I'm not going to get terribly excited about this as Howard is a Division I-AA team and evidently not a good one at that.
The Howard players pumping it up.
Well that was my first time taking pictures on the sidelines of a game and I will have to say that it was pretty exciting. It was much tougher than I thought it would be but the pictures that I did get that I was happy about were pretty good, I think.


BlueDragon said...

Great job! I'm looking forward to seeing what pictures you take at upcoming Michigan games. I assume you will be attending games this year?

Mikoyan said...

I'm gonna try to make the Michigan-Eastern game and possibly the Purdue and Ohio State games.

Unknown said...

I use to go to baseball games and take pictures. Then I'd go to the next game with the photo and try to get it signed. I loved using photography that way. By the way, thanks for dropping by A Camp Host's Meanderings. Levonne