Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Sad Tale of Riverside Park

As I've said in past posts, it has been a while since I've been to Riverside Park.  It is kind of a shame because I really like that park but I noticed it was closed down in April.  Or at least there were concrete barriers in front of the parking lot.
 I'm guess that since the park is closed, the city hasn't been taking any steps to maintain it.  The piles of garbage around the seagull kind of confirm that.
 It's amazing what a few short months of neglect will do for something.  It's not like Riverside was all that nice to begin with but still.
And the seagull looks back at me.
 I wanted to get more of an overall shot of the park but there were people in the way.  However, you can get a pretty good idea of the mess.
 This was one of the trashcans, as you can see it is packed.
 What was a nicely mowed field is now a bunch of grass.
 I was using this pick to show the piles of garbage under the tree.
 More of the tall grass.
 The sign indicating that the park is closed.
 Just the general signage.
 And one indicating the park.
One last picture of the park in general.  Actually it wouldn't make too bad of a field.

I realize that Detroit has other priorities besides its park system but how do they expect to attract people if they are going to let stuff fall into disrepair like this?  It isn't like Riverside was that nice of a park to begin with but now it looks even worse.  Somehow I suspect that it isn't going to get fixed for a while either.

I just hope they don't let this happen to Belle Isle.

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