Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Great Republic at the Soo Again....

I know that I've been up to the Soo a fair amount of times this summer but I don't think it's been enough that I would see repeats of ships up there.  Our next visitor is one of those.
 Last time I caught her was when I went up to the Soo the week before Engineer's Day with my mom.
 But that time I didn't catch her outside of the Locks but now that I am finding out about the different areas around the Soo, I'm finding better places for pictures than the Locks themselves.
 A shot of her anchors.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
 Because she is designed to operate on Rivers, she has a pretty unique pilothouse in that part of it faces towards the rear.
 A shot as she leaves Mission Point.
 Next we headed over to the Four Mile Beach.  I am really liking this spot more and more.  There are few distractions in the background and it makes for a nice spot for pictures.
 She's almost straight across.
 Plus, if you look in this picture, you can see where the water is receding towards her.
And one last shot before she heads somewhere.

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