Monday, August 13, 2012

The Edgar Speer Passes DeTour

I would expect to see repeats of ships when I visit Detroit as I am there often enough and the ships pass there often enough for that to happen.  I've only been to DeTour a couple of times, so I would not expect to see the same ship passing there.
 However that wouldn't be the case this time.  I was pretty much monitoring AIS on the way up and thought I had a pretty good chance to catch a ship as she passed DeTour.
 The funny thing is that I've seen the Speer as she was passing DeTour before.   This time I was able to get better pictures of that as I wasn't shooting directly into the sun.
 I was however starting to deal with rain that was working its way over to DeTour.  It would have been nice if I would have had the dramatic clouds to go with it.
 But I didn't.
 However, I think the lighting was dramatic enough.
 And the ship as she heads up towards the Soo and beyond. 
And one more shot before heading to the Soo myself.

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