Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The American Courage at the Soo

As the James R. Barker was going through the Poe Lock, I noticed that we would have another visitor.
 That visitor would be the American Courage.  For part of my pictures, I decided to head to a spot near the entrance of the Locks because I like the pictures from there better.
 She is a ship that has appeared on this blog a couple of times in the past even though the first time I saw her was this year.
 I'm not quite sure what to think about her appearance.  She's not ugly but she's not a style that I normally would like.
 A shot of the International Bridge with the ship starting to move into position to enter the MacArthur Lock.
 Since she's small enough, she would be going through the MacArthur Lock while the James R. Barker was going through the Poe Lock.
 So then I moved to the lower level of the Observation Deck because the upper level was packed.  It was just as well though.
 A shot of her anchors.
 One of the benefits of the lower level is that you get a sense of scale.
 A couple of the Corps of Engineers folks following alongside her.
 A shot of one of her cargo hatches.
 Her time in the locks was shorter than the James R. Barker's time.
 A couple of her crewmen.
 We left after the Barker pulled out of the locks and couldn't catch shots of her again until she passed Four Mile Beach.
 Again I love this spot.
 It was a beautiful day for shipwatching.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
And one last shot before she moves on.

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