Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kitesurfing on Lake Huron

One of the things I like about doing this blog is the occasional times I get to see different activities that people do.   So we headed to Tawas Point to take pictures of the lighthouse and then my mom noticed the kites and pointed them out to me.  I looked and thought they were kind of interesting but I wasn't sure if I was going to take pictures of them.  Then I looked at the cars in the lot and noticed some surfboards, so that piqued my interest.
The kites looked kind of cool as I was approaching the beach.
 There were some different varieties.
 But what was cooler was the fact that people were using the kites for surfing.  I kind of wish I would have caught some of the other scenes because people would leap out of the water too.
 Some interesting clothing.
 Almost reminds me of proper surfing.
 But not quite.
 Some shots of the kites again.
 I kind of like this kite.  I wonder if the bull is because this another one of those Red Bull type things?
Just so you get an idea of just how far out the kite is.

 A shot of the beach.
And one last shot of a kite.  I'll have to say that it looks pretty interesting.

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