Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Cedarglen and the Soo

Next up is the Cedarglen.  Of the proper ships plying the Great Lakes, I would have to say that she is one of the more unique looking ships.  So as I got up and checked AIS, I saw that she was passing through the locks which meant that we didnt' have much time to catch her.
 One of the nice things about taking pictures when you just get up is that the lighting is pretty cool.  It wasn't as cool as the last time I caught her but not too bad.
 I guess what makes her unique is her pilothouse.  I'm not quite sure what I can say about it.  Some people find it ugly but I don't.
 I think I like the pinks in the sky.  I kind of wish I were on the other side so that I would get the light shining on her hull.
 A closeup of her pilothouse.  From my perspective it looks kind of fragile.
 A side view of her pilothouse. 
And one last shot as she heads off to Lake Huron and beyond.

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tugboathunter said...

Cedarglen was formerly an ocean freighter, and those cabins were located amidships. When brought to the lakes, her entire hull was rebuilt and the cabins were moved aft. The starboard bridge wing was removed so she could take on a load of ore at Marquette, Michigan.