Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tug Everlast/Norman McLeod

So I decided to head down to the River tonight because there was going to be at least one ship coming down.  I was also hoping to catch a couple of US Navy vessels there were in the area.
 So it was off to Milliken State Park again.  Although I think I should have gone to Belle Isle again.  The first vessel of the evening was a tug/barge combination.  The tug is named the Everlast and the barge named Norman McLeod.
 I thought I was going to have a new visitor to the blog tonight but it turns out that I was wrong.
 I guess as barges go, she's not too bad.
 But I'm still not a fan of them.
 She kind of looks excited or spooked though.
 The tug itself.
 And her stack.
 Another shot of the tug herself.
 And one more as she pulls away.
And she passes on towherever she is going.

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tugboathunter said...

Everlast looks like a roman numeral II.