Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Lee A. Tregurtha at the Soo

Other than the brief glimpse of her while I was chasing down the Edson, it has been a while since I have seen the Lee A. Tregurtha.
 It is a shame too because I really like her looks.  It is doubly a shame since I think she's been spending a bunch of time in Dearborn but like many other things, her times there haven't been compatible with my times there.
 To the left you can see a sailboat about to enter the MacArthur Lock.  It was kind of cool to watch because she was almost like a normal ship.
 So we have just a shot of the Lee A. Tregurtha.  I will have to say, she is an odd looking ship but I like her looks.
 Even though she didn't start as a classic lake freighter, she is one now.
 Although you can see hints of her past.
 You can also see hints of her war record.
 And her beautiful lines.
 And she heads off somewhere.
 A shot as she heads further down the river.
 One last shot of just her.
 And imagine my surprise as I saw another Tregurtha heading upbound.
And the Tregurthas get closer.

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Unknown said...

My absolute favorite freighter! You captured her well -- coming and going.