Thursday, August 23, 2012

Some Diecast Models

I think my go to subject when I can't think of much else or I don't have much time is my collection of die cast models I have at either of my offices.  Actually they do make pretty good subjects but I should probably find better light to shoot them in.
 First up is my A-7 Corsair II.  I kind of wish I had the patience to do plastic models like this but the die cast models will work pretty well.  They are pretty well detailed and they dont' have some of the flaws of older diecast models.
 I think the 3/4's view works as well for models as it does the real thing.  The only problem is that when you are focused this close, depth of field tends to suffer.

One of my favorite nicknames for the A-7 is SLUF for Short Little Ugly Feller (or another word in less polite company).
 Next up is one of the F-14 models I have.  This particular one is the F-14D and you can tell by the larger exhaust on the engines.  This was the last model in service.  The insignia on the tail is my favorite.

I also ran into one of the other issues of doing this with another view of the F-14.  Namely, too much vibration.  I probably could have done something to avoid that though.
 Last is a smaller scale of the B-52 I have.  This particular model is not as nice as you can tell by the gaps.  This is the B-52G.  This was the second to last model of the B-52.  I believe they are now retired as the H models have been modified for conventional use.
The B-52 is also known as BUFF for Big Ugly Fat Feller (or another word in less polite company).  They are expecting to see active service into the 2020's.  Given the last H model rolled off the line in 1962, that means that they will be 60 by the time they are taken off active duty.  I've read somewhere that they might be in reserve service well into the 2050's which gives the potential for a 100 year old aircraft.  I don't think that Boeing had that in mind when they designed the aircraft.


Matthew B. Gordon said...

Nice Stratofortress. My Uncle served as a B-52 pilot, and was stationed in Guam and at Fairchild. My dad has a plastic one he put together years ago, with about a 3 foot wingspan. He noticed after the fact that the tail insignia and numbers was of the same squadron as my Uncle's.


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