Friday, August 3, 2012

More Mail from the Westcott

Well it's time for a lone picture of the Westcott which can only mean one's mailbag time.  I can't believe it has been close to three months since the last time I've reached into the mail bag.  Oh well....
But first a couple of shout outs.  First to tugboathunter for providing some good feedback on my blog.  Second to my friend for getting his blog back going again.

Now for the mail bag:
What is the biggest ship you've seen in the MacArthur Lock?
I would want to say that it was Algoma Transport.  Usually when I see big ships they are in the Poe Lock but then again the MacArthur Lock is closer, so they seem bigger.

How many salutes from the Sykes?
None.  She was too far out.

Where were you standing for the plane shots in Minneapolis?
I was waiting for my plane to California and I always take my camera with me.  I love planes.

I didn't see to many other questions, so I'm going to ask one of my own.  Is there anything you would like me to feature on my blog?  Are there suggestions for improvements?  Do you like the ships?

One more thing, I've started a group on Facebook, so check it out.  

And to my spamming friends...go take a Gott sized walk on the Alpena.  That is all.

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