Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Algorail Again

This is another ship that I've only taken pictures from afar.  She visits the Detroit area fairly often so it's kind of a surprise that I haven't gotten closer pictures of her but sometimes that's the nature of the beast.
 This time it was a chance to get her up close.
 She is probably another favorite of mine.  She has the classic laker configuration but not the classic look.
 It still seems like she's been punched in the face.

 But maybe not so much.  This is the straight on shot.
 Her pilothouse isn't as close to the bow as some some of the other ships.
 Another straight on shot.
 A shot of her Algostack.
 A shot of her stern.
 And she heads off somewhere.
 You can see the next ship in the background.
This was the best I could get for Freighter jousting.

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