Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blogs I've Been Following

It's amazing how many different blogs there are out there.  What's even more amazing is how many of them I follow on a regular basis.  I'm not giving a shout out to these in any particular order.
The first one is Eagle Totem.  This one covers Eastern Michigan University sports and does a pretty good job at it.  It is special to me because it's author gave me a chance to be his photographer and it is how I got my field pass at Eastern.

The next one is tugster:  a waterblog.  I found tugster by accident.  One day I was photographing ships at Riverside Park and I saw him photographing some ships that were down by the steel mill.  So I went over and started to talk to him and it seems that we share an interest.  He's from New York, so his blog deals mostly with ships from there but he will use pictures from other blogs.

Stemming from tugster is Bowsprite:  A New York Harbor Sketchbook.  Her blog is a collection of sketches of different ships that sail around New York.  She really needs some drawings of cooler ships though.  :)

After that is tugboathunter.  Based on his posts, I think that he lives somewhere near me.  He is another boatwatcher.

The newest to my list is "The Place to Be".  This one is another local photographer and from what I've seen this is one I'll be following more often.

And of course a link to the last time I did this......other blogs.

So if you know of any blogs I might be interested in, please post them in the comments.  However, if you're a spammer...I shoot you.


Isaac said...

All great blogs, Ken. Thanks for posting this!

Isaac said...

Oh, and you might be interested in Mac MacKay's blog, Shipfax. He covers ships in Halifax harbor very well.

Please, don't shoot! I'm no dirty spammer!

Mikoyan said...

You're not posting about Viagra or whatever...so that doesn't make you a spammer.

Matthew B. Gordon said...

Thanks for the mention. Looking forward seeing your future travels!

DetroitVideoDaily said...

Thanks for posting this list of blogs. Great to see what other people are blogging about. If you or any of your readers are interested, I blog about Detroit over at DetroitVideoDaily.com