Monday, March 5, 2012

Shots from the Convocation Center

Tonight was the first game of the MAC tournament for the Eastern Michigan men's team.  Even though they won the MAC West Division, they didn't get a high enough seed in the MAC Overall to get a first round bye.  At any rate, it was still light enough before the game to take some pictures I've been meaning to take.
 I wish it were a little windier out.  I would have liked to see the flags unfurled with the moon in with them.
 A shot of the main entrance.  I kind of like the Convocation Center.  It has really spruced up the athletic complex of Eastern.  It's a shame they couldn't build it closer to campus though.
 A shot looking down the football field.
And a shot of the stands.  In a little over a month, the spring game will happen.

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