Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My 31 Favorite Ship Pictures

Why 31? Why not.  At any rate, I figured with shipping season coming up soon, I would post some of my favorite pictures from the past few years.  Some of them are favorites because I like the composition and some are favorites because I like the ship in question.  Some are just favorites because I tried something different.

These pictures represent different ships that ply the Great Lakes and different places where they do it.
The first one is the Great Republic.  I like this one for two reasons...the ice on the bow and the reflections in the water.
I like this one because the ship is obscured but not so much that you can't make out she's the Lee Tregurtha.
This is the Edwin Gott, one of the 1000 footers.
This is the Mississagi and I like this one because it has an almost paint like quality to it.
The Manitoba in a snow storm.  This was one of the first ship pictures I took in the snow.
The Saginaw during the "golden hour".
The Kaye Barker, also during the "golden hour".
The Algoma Transfer as she approaches the Soo Locks.
The Edgar Speer under the Mackinac Bridge.  This was during a sun set.
The Ojibway in a slight fog.
The Adam Cornelius near the Point Iroquois Lighthouse.  I kind of have mixed feelings about this picture.  I like what I attempted....I'm not so sure I like the picture though.
The Cedarglen during the sunset.  I really like this shot, especially how the sun reflects off the side.
The Roger Blough is definately my favorite ship.  I like this picture of her because it is mostly clean.
This is another one for what I attempted to do.  The picture was taken at Whitefish Point.  The ship is the St. Clair.  For this one, I got on the ground and tried to get the wave in the shot.  Not sure it worked out though.
This is the Indiana Harbor.  I was trying to frame the shot with the Westcott.  Again...I'm not sure.
The Robert Pierson being approached by the Westcott.
The Honorable James Oberstar.
The Cason Calloway unloading in the Rouge River.
The J.W. Shelley in the Detroit River.  I like this one because of the blue of the river and the blue of the ship.
The Badger leaving at sunset for the fireworks.
The USS Silversides.  If I didn't have all the stuff to the side, this could almost be a picture at sea.
I forget what ship this was, but I liked the sun rays shining down on her.
The Ojibway.  I kind of like the aeriness of this picture.
An attempt at black and white.
The Frontenac heading out to Lake St. Clair.  It almost seems like she is floating in this picture.
The Algomarine entering the Detroit River. This one also has an aeriness to it.
The Manitowoc docked in Bay City.  I like the ominous clouds.
The Alpena downbound.  This was one of my favorites for a long time.
The Michipicoten.
This one is more for the ship than the picture.  This is the Arthur Anderson.  She holds a place of honor on the Great Lakes.
This was the picture that convinced me I could be serious about this hobby.  I really like this one.  It is the Atlantic Huron and Pineglen passing each other at the Soo Locks.


Isaac said...

Great SS Badger picture!

Mikoyan said...

the Badger is one of my favorites up there.

Diane said...

I like the one taken at St. Clair with the wave.