Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tahquamenon Falls Again...

You would think after taking pictures of the Tahquamenon Falls each month for a year, I would be tired of seeing them.  But how can one get tired of seeing these Falls?  I mean they are in a beautiful setting and just after winter melt is the time to see them because they are at their peak.
 I was kind of surprised at the lack of snow in the Upper Peninsula but then again it's been a pretty mild winter.  That didn't really affect the flow of the Falls though.
 I pulled out a bit to get more of the surrounding stuff and a little bit of framing.
 An attempt at a closeup.
 Another attempt.  Unfortunately, my attempts at slowing down my shutter speed didn't look so good.
 Some of the deadwood on the ground.
 I kind of liked how the stuff was forming around it.
 Another spot of the Falls.  This time I slowed the shutter speed down a bit to get the illusion of motion.
 Same shot with a higher shutter speed.
 Looking through the trees.  It was amazing how green some of the trees were.
 Another angle with the shutter speed slowed down.
 Pulled out a little more to get more of the Falls.
 Pulled out even more to get more of the surroundings.
And one last shot of the Falls.  It was pretty amazing because it looked like it was snowing as I was taking pictures of these.  I guess winter is trying to say that it's not quite done yet.

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