Monday, March 5, 2012

MAC Tournament Game One - Pre-Game Shots

So as I said, EMU had to play in the first series of the MAC tournament.  Their opponent was the Huskies of Northern Illinois whom they barely beat two weeks ago.  So I was expecting a pretty close game but I was hoping that Eastern was going to win.  If they didn't win, I wasn't going to be too disappointed because noone was expecting them to get this far anyway.
 The basketball band.  This is actually a pretty cool thing at the games because they also have a bassist and drummer. 
 Some of the tournament banners from years ago.  A couple of them were from when I was a student at Eastern.
 The cheerleaders leading the team to the court before the game.
 Matt Balkema during the warmups.
 I see this guy at just about every Eastern game.  I think it is kind of cool.
 The sudent section during the National Anthem.
 A shot of Swoop.  For the longest time, I was upset with how Eastern handled the name change.  I guess the years have softened me towards the Eagles.  I still think it's an unoriginal name but I guess it's better than some they could have had.
 Another shot of Swoop.
And one more shot of Swoop.

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