Saturday, March 3, 2012

Our Almost National Bird

So I went up to my mom's today and as I was heading down the last stretch to get to her place, I saw a gaggle of turkeys near the side of the road.  I had to pick up something for her and the place was closing, so I had to double back and the turkeys were still there.
 I think Benjamin Franklin at one time proposed that the turkey become our national bird.  I'm not sure if he said it as a joke or something else.  But I guess turkeys can be quite nasty when provoked.  At any rate, it is a pretty cool looking bird.
 Here is a pair of them as they are walking along.  I was kind of surprised they didn't start to move away.
 I think I kind of like this picture.  I'm guess these two are keeping an eye over the group.
And a shot of the gaggle.


Matthew B. Gordon said...

I think I just entered the Twilight Zone. I posted some pics of Turkeys on my blog and then saw your post (you posted first) - weird. Great shots.

Pater said...

What is amazing about the Turkey is the first time you see them fly. I think one of my first times was watching a turkey fly over four lanes of I 96 out by Grand Rapids. It was unbelievable at that time. Of course, it is neat to see them roosting on a tree branch.