Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Great Lakes Maritime Academy

After Point Betsie, we headed over to Traverse City to get a bite to eat.  We at a really good burger place.  As I was travelling along the water, I noticed a ship docked at the other side of town.  Well me being me had to head over that way.
 Turns out the ship was called the State of Michigan it was docked at the Great Lakes Maritime Academy.  The ship is a former Navy ship that was used as an Ocean Surveillance Ship and was called the USNS Persistent.  She was built in 1985 and was used to track Soviet Submarines.  With the end of the Cold War, she was decommissioned.  In 2002, she was given her current name and transferred to the Maritime Academy.
 The Maritime Academy itself was established in 1969 to train those wanting a career in the maritime field.  It is the only freshwater maritime academy and grants licenses for either the Great Lakes or the oceans.
 A look at the ship from the back.  It goes out to do sea training for the cadets.  It is powered by 4 Caterpillar diesel engines for a total of 3,200 Horsepower.
 Another shot of the ship.
 This is the Northwestern and is used as a research vessel.
 I believe this ship is called the Anchor Bay.  She began life as a tugboat for the Army Corps of Engineers.  She is 45 feet long.    She is the first ship the cadets will see and is used to teach vessel maintenance and repair.
 Another angle of the Northwestern.
 Another angle of the Anchor Bay.  Unfortunately, I was shooting almot right into the sun, so the picture isn't as nice as I would have liked.
 Looking at the Anchor Bay from the front.
 And the other side.
 Another angle of the State of Michigan.
 Looking towards the bow.
 Unfortunately, this angle was into the sun as well.  But I liked how the little sparkles of light came through.
 You can really see the effects of the sun here.
 Closer to the bow.
 One more shot of the Anchor Bay.
Leaving the Michigan.
I liked how the reflection was showing in the water, so I leave you with one more shot.


Isaac said...

The sun is fantastic in those shots!

Anonymous said...

i never knew there was such a place in traverse city . ..