Monday, December 9, 2013

The Indiana Harbor Leaving St Clair

I was not expecting to see the Indiana Harbor.  I thought that perhaps I would see the Pathfinder but I wasn't really looking for her.
 The Indiana Harbor was unloading coal at the St. Clair Electrical Plant.  She must have finished while I was out and about because I saw her heading up the river.
 Here she is being overtaken by the subject of my next post.
 At a hair over 1000 feet, she is one of the bigger vessels on the lake.
 But she's not the biggest.
 Just think of how many homes her cargo can power.
 She's still pretty impressive to look at.
 A shot of her full length.
 She is part of a campaign for saving our lakes.
 If you look closely in the pilothouse, you can see someone taking pictures.
 She slowly heads away.
 The boat parade continues.
One more shot of her.

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