Sunday, December 22, 2013

The University of Michigan Natural History Museum

The first museum I visited was the Natural History Museum.  It has been a while since I'd been there and since I've taken enough pictures from the outside, I decided to get some pictures from the inside for a change.
 At the front of the museum is a pair of lion statues.
 As you can see, it was still pretty rainy.
 As you enter the building, you are greeted by a pretty cool looking dome.
 A representation of North America from space.
 Figures that Michigan would be covered with clouds when this was taken.
 The various tools of a paleontologist.
 A model of one of the dinosaurs.
 The skull of a tyranosaurus rex.
 I think this is the skeleton of a mastadon.
 The head of an allosaur.
 I'm not sure what this is the skull of.
 I believe this was a predecessor to the velociraptor.
 Not sure what kind of dinosaur is.
 It wouldn't be a University of Michigan museum without some kind of representation of a wolverine.
 I think they did a decent job of capturing its nastiness.
 Pulled out a little bit.
 A kirtland warbler.
 One more shot of the wolverine.  It was tough to get a decent picture of him through the glass.
 This is a missisaugua rattlesnake.  I believe this is the only venomous animal that is native to Michigan.
 Since I have such a hard time getting a picture of a cardinal, I figured this would be a good chance.
 Same with a blue jay.
 I don't have problems getting pictures of painted turtles, but I like here goes.
 This is a petoskey stone which is Michigan's state stone.
 A bald eagle.
 They also have a few stones on the next story but I'm not sure what they are.
 I think this is an example of fluorite.
 I don't remember what kind of stone this is but I liked the looks of it.
 I think this is a martin which is related to the wolverine.
 A bobcat.
 A porcupine.
This is a grey wolf.  They've been making a comeback and our intelligent folks in the state goverment decided this would be a good opportunity to hunt them again.

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