Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Algocanada Again....

So next up was the Algocanada which has also appeared on this blog in the past.  She's a tanker owned by the Algoma Central Company.  I think she passes by Detroit on a fairly regular basis.
 A shot as she was heading upriver.  I was still shooting into the sun but not quite as directly.  I do however kind of like the shaded ship against the bright background.
 Here she is getting closer.  I kind of like the huge no smoking sign on the superstructure.  As if the 1000's of gallons of fuel wasn't enough of a deterrent.
 Since she was a ship I've taken a picture of before and I remembered that fact, I decided to go for some closeup shots.  Here is her bow.  She sports the bow of an ocean goer.  Plus, I think she has somewhat of an icebreaking rating because of that.
 A shot of the superstructure.  Safety first.  She also donates to United Way, well I assume her crew does.
 Another shot of the bow.
 A closer shot of the superstructure.
 A closer shot of the bow.  You can see the Algoma Central logo.  That is one of my favorite logos.
 A shot of her smokestack.
 A shot of the bridge.
 As she is heading away.
 The big orange thing is a lifeboat.
 One of her masts.
 So then I headed up to the end of the island to get shots of my next ship.  Fortunately, I can move a little faster than the ships, so I caught some more shots of her.
 As she is heading past the island.
Getting a little more out into Lake St. Clair.
 A shot of three ships.
One last shot of her before she heads off to wherever she is going.

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