Monday, April 9, 2012

Strasburg, Pennsylvania

We ended up staying near Lancaster, PA.  It seemed to be a nice central place to stay given that we wanted to see the Andrew Wyeth Museum and Gettysburg.  Plus the hotels were fairly cheap.  As I was looking at the list of attractions around the hotel we were staying at, I noticed that there was a railroad museum near Stasburg.  Since that was on the way to the Andrew Wyeth Museum, I decided to go there.
 We passed through the town of Strasburg and I was impressed by the buildings I saw there.  Strasburg was built on the Old Consestoga Road that connected Philadelphia to points west.  It was established around 1750.  I'm not sure what the above building is but I thought it looked pretty cool.
 The store front portion of the building.

Strasburg really started to grow in 1793 when the Strasburg Road was built which connected Philadelphia to the west.  It was used more than the Philadelphia Turnpike to the north because it was free.
 I kind of liked how this building look but I couldn't get the right angle on it.
Some of these buildings date back to the 1700's.   Many of the early settlers were Huguenots or Mennonites.
 I tried to get a shot of the tree in front of the pink building.  I'm not sure I like this picture though.
A detail of the tree.

I think one of the things I like about going out to the east is the fact that many of the towns are older than the country itself.  This town has many railroad attractions nearby.

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