Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Joseph H. Thompson Again....

As I've mentioned before, I was born and raised in Bay City, Michigan.  My mom still lives up there and I go up to give her a hand every two weeks.

When I was growing up, it seemed like there were ships that were always on the Saginaw River.  Now it doesn't seem like that anymore, so it is special when I go home and see a ship on the River.
 This is a ship that has appeared on this blog before, so I'm not going to go into details about her.  She was docked at the stone dock in Essexville and right next to that is a park.  So I decided to stop at the park.
 I was moving a bit to get a better angle.
 Since I don't own a boat, this is not an angle I can normally get.  It's amazing how much larger they look when you're so close.
 A shot of her bow.  It's kind of a shame they don't have her war ribbons somewhere though.
 And anchor.
 The boom extended.
 A shot of the Joseph H. Thompson Jr., which is her dedicated tug.
 A closer shot of her pilothouse.
 Looking down at her bow.
 almost under the boom.
 Unloading gravel.
One last shot before going to my mom's.

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Todd Shorkey said...

Great Photos! I missed out on getting some of my own since I was on duty at the FD when she was in town. Thanks for sharing!